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Since we have audited
the quality of democracy


The Observatory of Quality of Democracy (OQD) is a permanent research program of the Institute of Social Sciences that promotes and organizes projects focused on the diverse characteristics, functioning and quality of democratic regimes.

Created in 2010, as the Barometer of Quality of Democracy, the OQD aspires to be a repository of relevant information on the issues surrounding democracy, in both Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries. In this sense, the OQD aims to be a space for the production and dissemination of knowledge and to become a reference at the national and international levels.


The objectives of the OQD are:

  • To conduct studies on the quality of democracy in Portugal and on issues related to representative institutions;
  • To establish itself as a reference program on the study and measurement of quality of democracy, both at the national and international levels;
  • To gather and disseminate relevant data and information on democracy in Portugal and the Portuguese-speaking African Countries (PALOPS);
  • To contribute to the production of knowledge regarding democracies in Portuguese-speaking countries.



Ana Maria Evans (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
André Paris (ICS-UL)
Antônio Costa Pinto (ICS-UL)
António Dias 
Carlos Jalali 
(Universidade de Aveiro)
Carlos Pacatolo 
(Instituto Superior Politécnico Jean Piaget de Benguela e Ovilongwa)
Daniel Costa 
(Universidade de Cabo Verde)
David Boio 
(ICS-UL e Ovilongwa)
Edalina Rodrigues Sanches (ISCTE-IUL)
Elisabetta di Giorgi 
(Universidade de Sienna)
Ekaterina Gorbunova 
(University of Oxford)
Filipa Raimundo 
Filipe Carreira da Silva 
Frederico Ferreira da Silva 
(University of Lausanne)
Jayane Maia 
(GIGA – Hamburgo)
José Pedro Zúquete 
José Santana-Pereira 
Luís de Sousa 
Marcelo Camerlo 
Marco Lisi 
(Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
Marina Costa Lobo 
Mónica Brito Vieira
(Universidade de York)
Nina Wiesehomeier 
(IE School of International Relations, Madrid)
Pedro C. Magalhães 
Riccardo Marchi 
Sofia Serra-Silva (IPRI)
Susana Cabaço 


Institute of Social Sciences – UL

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Luso-American Foundation

Foundation for Science and Technology

Assembly of the Republic

Presidency of the Portuguese Republic

Universidade de Cabo Verde

Ovilongwa Consulting

Instituto Superior Politécnico Jean Piaget de Benguela