Producing and collaborating with scientific research on democratic regimes



  • Electoral Participation and Independent Candidature in Local Elections
    (Luís de Sousa e Jayane Maia).
    In: Portugal Social in Change, Municipal Portraits.
    Coordination: João Ferrão and Ana Delicado.
    Lisbon: Institute of Social Sciences, 2017
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  • How People Understand Democracy: A Social Dominance Approach
    (Ceka, B., and Magalhães, P.C.)
    In: M. Ferrín, & H. Kriesi (Eds.), How Europeans View and Evaluate Democracy.
    Oxford: Oxford University Press: 90-110, 2016.
  • The Ibero-American Youth in the Face of Democracy and its Institutions
    (Marcelo Camerlo and Andrés Malamud).
    In: José Machado Pais and Cícero Roberto Pereira (eds.): The Portuguese Youth in the Context of Ibero-America, Social Sciences Press, Lisbon: 109-18, 2016.


  • The Satisfaction with Democracy
    (Ekaterina Gorbunova, Edalina Sanches and Marina Costa Lobo).
    In: Portugal Social in Change, Portugal in the European Context in Years of Crisis.
    Coordination: João Ferrão and Ana Delicado.
    Lisbon: Institute of Social Sciences, 2015


All the following chapters are part of the book The Quality of Democracy in Portugal: The Vision of Citizens. Organizers: Antônio Costa Pinto, Luís de Sousa and Pedro C. Magalhães. Lisbon: Social Sciences Press, 2013

  • Rule of law and quality of democracy
    (Luís de Sousa)
  • Political participation and the quality of democracy
    (Marco Lisi, Riccardo Marchi and Ana Maria Evans)
  • Representation in Portugal: perspective of the citizens
    (Mónica Brito Vieira and Nina Wiesehomeier)
  • Vertical Accountability
    (José Pedro Zúquete)
  • And who controls the government? Horizontal accountability in the Portuguese democracy
    (Marcelo Camerlo and Edalina Rodrigues Sanches)
  • Rights and freedoms and the quality of democracy in Portugal
    (Ekaterina Gorbunova and Filipa Raimundo)
  • Equal rights, unequal lives: attitudes of Portuguese people on inequality
    (Filipe Carreira da Silva, Mónica Brito Vieira and Susana Cabaço)
  • Political Responsiveness in Portugal: Portrait of a deterioration process in progress
    (Marina Costa Lobo, Carlos Jalali and Frederico Ferreira da Silva)
  • Effective Governance and Support for Democracy
    (Pedro C. Magalhães)