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Producing and collaborating with scientific research on democratic regimes



  • We, the Internet” – Global Citizen’s Dialogue on the Future of the Internet
    (Ana Delicado, João Estevens, Jussara Rowland, Mónica Truninger, Susana Salgado)
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  • Citizen’s Consultation – An evaluation of the First Year of the XXI Government
    (Marina Costa Lobo, Edalina Sanches, José Pereira, Luis Mah, Daniel Carolo)
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  • Employment, Mobility, Politics and Leisure: Situations and Attitudes of Portuguese Youth in a Comparative Perspective
    (Marina Costa Lobo, Vítor Sérgio Ferreira and Jussara Rowland)
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  • Attitudes of the Portuguese people regarding the 40 years of the April 25th
    (Marina Costa Lobo)
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  • Rights and freedoms in Portugal: Portuguese population in a comparative perspective
    (Ekaterina Gorbunova)
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  • The Quality of Democracy in Portugal: The Citizens’ Perspective – Report
    (Antônio Costa Pinto, Pedro Magalhães, Luís de Sousa and Ekaterina Gorbunova)
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